LUBSK QUEEN (M) - An old Russian variety brought to Canada by Charles Gibb of Quebec in 1870. It was one of over 350 varieties imported from various locations in Russia as part of research for winter hardy varieties for Quebec and the northern United States. Liberty Hyde Bailey wrote of this beautiful, large fruit in 1893 at the Columbia Exposition, "this apple was the most remarkable combination of brilliant pink and white and pruinose color of which the eye can conceive, and perhaps the most striking single variety of fruit shown at the Fair." Lubsk Queen is a medium to large apple with shiny white porcelain-like skin blushed with bright pink and rosy red splashes. Its flesh is snow white, hard, juicy, and quite tart like Yellow Transparent but of better quality when fully ripe. Excellent in pies and sauce. A good keeper. Ripens mid to late August. Biennial. Mildly susceptible to scab. Zone 3a.

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