JERSEYMAC (M) - A newer McIntosh type from Rutgers, New Jersey, introduced in 1971. A cross of Julyred and New Jersey 24 = (Melba X (Wealthy X Starr) X (Red Rome X Melba). Here in the cooler Maritimes Jerseymac is a very rich, flavoured apple which ripens a month earlier than McIntosh. The medium to large deep red apples are crisp, juicy, sweet-tart and very aromatic. Walking through an orchard of ripe Jerseymacs can overwhelm one with their strong perfume. They are excellent eaten right off the tree or cooked into pies and sauce. They bruise easily and do not keep long (a month maximum). Unfortunately for such a fine flavoured apple, it is extremely prone to scab, fire blight and often has bitter pit. It is highly resistant to cedar apple rust. The trees are brittle and weak and require careful training to protect the branches from breaking under heavy loads of apples or snow. They are also very prone canker and to European red mite infestations. In some warmer climates it receives less praise for its flavour and colouring. An early bloomer. Ripens mid to late August (90 - 95 days from bloom to harvest). Annual. Zone 4b.

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